MoboKey fits perfectly in the future of car-sharing where technology will play a vital role. This claim is backed by multiple independent research centers all over the world. The future of car sharing looks promising. P&S market research states that:

The value of global car-sharing market was $5,571.2 million in 2018. It is expected to advance at a CAGR of 11.0% during the forecast period. The market growth is mainly because of advancements in technology facilitating simplified access to shared mobility services.

MoboKey and how it fits in the future car-sharing market

We consider Mobokey, a facilitator for a car rental or a sharing company. These devices, as per the research are going to change the landscape of car-sharing companies. The future of the car-sharing market is dependent on cheaper technology. The cheaper technology can make sure that small and medium companies can also enjoy better connectivity and access.

How MoboKey reduces the cost of technology

  • Free of cost car sharing
  • Universal compatibility
  • No annual charges
  • Longest warranty coverage
  • Trusted Solution

Why is Bluetooth based car-sharing the future

The only solution is to equip your cars with MoboKey Bluetooth devices that will provide access to the car even at the places where there is no cellular service. Most of the companies already have GPS trackers in their cars, so why should they pay extra for another internet-based device? The answer is MoboKey Bluetooth based devices that have no subscription charges and provide accessibility to the car.

Small car rental companies do not want to increase their overheads, so we provide the solution to integrate their current rental fleet in the MoboKey car-sharing platform. This process is very simple as it only requires the company to purchase MoboKey devices, install them in their cars and start sharing with no extra cost.

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