Car manufacturers provide keyless entry with a smart remote. And that remote is a lot of responsibility. Because if you lose one, you cannot enter the car without it. This is where MoboKey comes. MoboKey also provides keyless car entry and so much more in a single app.

Why do car owners like Keyless car entry

This is because of two basic reasons that keyless entry is preferred

  • Lock/Unlock the car without the key and
  • Start/Stop the car without using the keys.

The smart remote is kept inside the driver’s pocket.

MoboKey’s app Keyless Car Entry

MoboKey keyless entry not limited to remote access only. The app provides keyless entry with all its features, including lock/unlock and start/stop.


We also provide security making sure that your car is secured all the time.

  • Anti-theft
  • Anti snatch

Read more about the security here.

Sharing of the car

Using our app we are also enabling the sharing of cars. Allowing the owners to share the car with variable

  • Time
  • Access level

Read more about sharing here.

Unlimited keys

A few more reasons: We have had long discussions with our clients and we came up with a solution i.e. Mobokey. In our app, the owner even when not connected can perform various tasks.

  • Locate the car. The location is updated after every minute
  • Set and change the access level at any time
  • Set and change the ending time at any moment

With features like proximity and security, we are providing the best solution available in the market. With the Mobokey app, you can set proximity start and stop ranges. Mobokey enables the user to easily access, secure and share the car. Proximity works differently for Turn-Key Start and Push Start. All these features make MoboKey a practical solution for any individual or even a car rental company.

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