Difference between ride sharing and car sharing

Ride-Sharing and Car Sharing are the two buzzwords that sound quite similar. Car sharing is usually when the vehicle itself is shared amongst many people. Ridesharing, on the other hand, is about sharing the route, rather than the vehicle.


It is nothing but using the service like Uber, Lyft or any other peer to peer ride-sharing service. Here when you book a ride, then the car with a driver will pick and drop you at the destination. That is you can enjoy a ride in the cab by paying a charge for the service. To put ride-sharing in a line you are sharing the route to the destination, not the vehicle. A ride-sharing service can be attained in both ride-hailing or in carpooling service.


Here you can rent a car from the prominent service provider and enjoy the ownership of the car for a limited amount of time. On your self hand you can drive the car, can plan your own route, and enjoy the ride. Some example company who provide this kind of service is Turo, Getaround, Go Jek, etc. Car sharing is when the car is available for use more than is necessary for one user, so another user gets to use the car as well in a defined way that is independent of the other user.

How is MoboKey operating with Car Sharing and Ride Sharing?

Even though MoboKey is a facilitator for car sharing. We are working with car rental companies to provide remote access and sharing platform. We are also indirectly working with some ride-sharing companies too. The owners of fleets have incorporated our system in their car and provide Uber drivers the cars as well.

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