MoboKey provides a seamless solution by giving remote car access via a smartphone app. Simply install the device in the car that connects with a smartphone using Bluetooth smart. It allows you to access your car without the car keys.

Access your car without car keys

By access, we mean that you can easily perform the following tasks.

  1. Lock/Unlock,
  2. Start/Stop

with the Mobokey app. MoboKey app makes sure that you can access your car without the car keys. With our solution, you don’t need to install a GSM-based device in your car. You can access your car from a distance of 100 meters.

It also removes the hassle of carrying car keys all the time. As you move towards the car, the app automatically connects with the car. When you approach the car, it unlocks and when you sit in it, it starts the car, without you doing anything at all. Mobokey uses Bluetooth smart to perform all the functions. Mobokey allows you to lock/unlock your car from a smartphone application. Not only this but it also allows remote starting of your car from your smartphone application. Mobokey is your Remote car access in a Smartphone Application.

Air conditioner control:

Mobokey allows you to control your car AC with ease. Because, when it comes to car control with a smartphone, Mobokey is the answer. Mobokey is solving the daily life problems of car users. Not only start the car but also allowing them to control the AC of the car.

Mobokey’s system gets connected with the blower of your car and allows you to turn on and off the blower of the car. With Mobokey, you can remotely start the car. And when you start the car, the car automatically turns on the compressor and turning on the air conditioner. This is why we claim that Mobokey is a game-changer when it comes to accessing the car.

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