The rental car business has started to gain ground after the pandemic. In order to stay afloat, many rental car businesses sought multiple ways to capitalize during this time. A few notable strategies were to enable contactless entry, disinfection of the cars, and so much more. We notice that there is a healthy growth of car-sharing services.

The rental car business is emerging as a new and more sustainable way of transportation. Small and medium-sized rental car companies are looking for a cheap and reliable car-sharing platform. Not only the smaller companies but large companies are also looking for reliable partners. This is where MoboKey comes in, we are not only providing remote access to your vehicles but also a reliable car-sharing platform.

Can MoboKey help you with your rental car business

Once you have installed the MoboKey device in your car, you claim ownership of that car. All the cars will be listed under “My Cars” These are all the cars that you can share. Your customer will sign up on the MoboKey app and they will share their email address with you. You will share the car with the time and access level.

Rental car business and MoboKey

MoboKey can be useful if you are running a rental car business. We understand that taking care of the keys is one of the most difficult things. We allow you to manage your cars using our app. With MoboKey, you have access to each car and you can share your car using a smartphone application. We enable peer-to-peer carsharing for your fleet.

Turo hosts and MoboKey

With Mobokey’s car-sharing platform, the efficiency of the system is enhanced and moves to a whole new level. This is why many Turo hosts have reached for our platform to increase efficiency. Mobokey allows them to provide ease in two very crucial steps. These steps make car sharing even easier.

These two steps are picking the car and returning the car. With Mobokey’s car-sharing platform, Turo hosts can send out multiple digital keys to multiple users for designated time slots and by setting up a specific time limit they’ll know the exact usage of the vehicle. This feature paves a perfect path for car-sharing businesses.

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