Like MoboKey, there are numerous companies that provide car security systems. Security is a primary concern when it comes to cars. Car security is undoubtedly the highlighted issue for the owners. This is why we at MoboKey provide a multilayered security system, which in comparison with other security systems makes sure it is not prone to remote attack. Our ground-breaking car security is one of the many reasons to buy the Mobokey app. Mobokey app allows the user to secure the car using a smartphone. Mobokey enables the user to perform multiple tasks using the smartphone and the security of the car is one of them. With Mobokey, you can access, secure, and share your car without any hassle.

MoboKey security in comparison with other security systems

MoboKey security when compared with other security systems has a huge advantage because it is undoubtedly advanced and less prone to remote attacks.

Anti-snatch mode

Anti-Snatch mode is always active once the green button on the top right corner is active. Once the button is green, in case of snatching the car automatically is secured once the connection between the car and phone ends.

This feature activates in case of snatching. Once the car is not in the range of the app, the device activates the security protocol. The driver is given 30-120 seconds to connect with the car otherwise the car stops depending upon the installation of the security relay.

Anti-theft mode

The anti-theft mode comes into play in case of theft. The device security is activated once the connection between the phone and device has ended and the car security is active. In this case, the car will not start until the phone connects with the device.

So to bypass the security of Mobokey for any car, a thief would have to know all the passwords including, login information, and has to be in the range of the car as well. That information needs to be verified from the MAC address on our server. And this is how we cater to the car security issue with Mobokey. You can read more here.


In this case, the driver can activate/deactivate security when they want. Just like any old system, you can simply activate and deactivate the engine.

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