Stealing a car has become very easy after the advent of the signal repeater. A thief has to replicate the car key using a signal repeater and the car is his. Owners of cars with keyless start systems have learned to worry about so-called relay attacks. A hacker exploits radio-enabled keys to steal vehicles without leaving a trace. It turns out that many millions of other cars that use chip-enabled mechanical keys are also vulnerable to high-tech theft. A few cryptographic flaws combined with a little old-fashioned hot-wiring—or even a well-placed screwdriver—lets hackers clone those keys and drive away in seconds. This is why MoboKey is reforming the car security.

How is MoboKey reforming car security

We are trying to make sure that your car is secure all the time. We realize that replicating your car keys has become very easy this is why we don’t rely on your car keys! This is why we are redefining security by making sure that when you move away from the car it will automatically get secured. And when you get close to the car, the MoboKey device will recognize you and unlock the car for you.

Mobokey security is advantageous in many ways. Since Mobokey technology is relatively newer in the market, it is not known to everyone, which creates an edge for us. This makes our device secure than any system available in the market. MoboKey has redefined vehicle security.

Anti Snatch Mode:

Mobokey allows Auto Security, which means that in case of a snatching, you do not have to call someone to lock the engine. As soon as the car goes out of your range or leaves the locking zone, the engine will be locked.

Anti Theft Mode:

Anti Theft mode makes sure that your car is secure even when you are not around. The app automatically activates car security as soon as you leave the locking zone!

Added layers of security

So to bypass the security of Mobokey for any car, a thief would have to know all the passwords including, login information, and has to be in the range of the car as well. That information needs to be verified from the MAC address on our server. And this is how we cater to the car security issue with Mobokey. You can read more here.

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MoboKey is different from a remote starter as it has a lot to offer than any other system. It is a Bluetooth based car access module that allows you to secure your car at all time.

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