You can now enjoy redefined vehicle security with MoboKey using anti-snatch and anti-theft modes. Mobokey security is advantageous in many ways. MoboKey is redefining car security using a smartphone. This makes our device more secure than any system available on the market. MoboKey has redefined vehicle security.

Car Security using MoboKey App

We make sure that your car is secure all the time. We refined vehicle security by making sure that when you are away. The MoboKey app will automatically secure your car. And when you get close to the car, the MoboKey device will recognize you and unlock the car for you. This modern approach to Car Security uses an app. Since Mobokey technology is relatively newer in the market, it is not known to everyone, which creates an edge for us. This makes our device more secure than any system available on the market.

We have added multiple layers of our refined vehicle security before car access is possible. To bypass the security of Mobokey for any car, a thief would have to know all the passwords including, login information, and has to be in range of the car as well. That information needs to be verified from the MAC address on our server. And this is how we cater to the car security issue with Mobokey. You can read more here. All of that is possible because we are an app to secure your car.

Anti Snatch Mode:

Mobokey allows Auto Security, which means that in case of snatching, you do not have to call someone to lock the engine. As soon as the car goes out of your range or leaves the locking zone, the engine will be locked.

Anti Theft Mode:

Anti Theft mode makes sure that your car is secure even when you are not around. The app automatically activates car security as soon as you leave the locking zone!

MoboKey Security and its advantage

MoboKey security when compared with other security devices has a few advantages. The most prominent advantage is that it is less prone to remote attacks. This makes MoboKey security one of the most effective security solutions available in the market. Most of the security systems are either GSM or NFC based. The problem with GSM-based systems is that they are traceable from anywhere in the world. Hence becoming prone to hacking.

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