It may be hard to believe, but the Apple Watch and MoboKey are more than five years old. And in these five years, both technologies have gone through major advancements. As you might know that we recently launched our Apple Watch app and the response to that was immensely appreciated. The most important thing for you to remember is that the Apple Watch is communicating with your iPhone and the iPhone is communicating with your MoboKey device. In this article, we are going to take a look at 5 great ways you can use your Apple Watch to manage your car using MoboKey.

1) Start Your Car.

2) Stop your Car.

3) Lock Your Car.

4) Unlock Your Car.

5) Open your Car Trunk.

5 Ways Your Apple Watch helps your Car using MoboKey

Start Your Car.

With the MoboKey device in your car, your Apple Watch is more practical than ever before. We have made sure that your car starts and stops using your Apple Watch. This feature was one of the most asked-about features and we are proud to tell you that we are the first movers when it comes to remote starting the car with your Smart Watch. Similarly, you can also stop the car as well.

Secure your Car.

If you own a Basic device, you can also secure the engine of the car. Making sure that the car will not start even if they get hold of the car key. Hence, your apple watch is securing the car as well. The engine deactivation relay can be enabled and disabled with the help of your apple watch.

Lock Your Car.

Accessing the car is a little easier with the new update. Simply open the MoboKey app on your Apple Watch and lock the car.

Unlock Your Car.

Similarly, simply open the MoboKey app on your Apple Watch and lock the car. We have not added the proximity features in the app but don’t worry, it is in our pipeline.

Open your Car Trunk.

And how can we forget the trunk? A simple tap on your trunk will open. No need to reach out for your remote at all.

We know you might find it hard to believe If you do you can watch the videos here.

You can start and stop your car, lock and unlock your car, open your car trunk and even secure your car using your Apple Smart Watch. Just remember that you need the MoboKey device and an Apple Watch.

You know what the best part is: You don’t have to pay a single penny to use MoboKey with your Apple Watch. Much like Tesla’s keyless entry system that lets you enter your car with a simple tap on your watch, you can start your car with a simple tap on your Apple Watch.

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