Mobokey and Car Chabi, both are the devices that allow access via a smartphone app and replace car key. But they are not the same. This article will explain the differences between Mobokey and Car Chabi.

MoboKey vs Car Chabi: Which is better?

Differences MoboKey Car Chabi
Access Allows the user to lock/unlock & start/stop the vehicle. Allows the user to lock/unlock & start/stop the vehicle.
Security Allows the user to secure the car all time. Allows the user to the car all the time.
Sharing Platform* Has its own online vehicle sharing platform. Has an offline vehicle sharing.
Access-based sharing** Allows the user to share the car in three levels. Does not have access level sharing.
Time-based sharing*** Allows the user to set the time for sharing. Shares the car indefinitely until the key is changed.
Variants 3 variants available. One device only.
Fleet Management Easier to manage fleets. Easier for single users.
Internet Requirement MoboKey needs the internet for shared cars.  Car Chabi does not need the internet for shared cars.

Sharing Platform*

Mobokey has a complete car-sharing platform which enables the car-sharing companies to share and earn money with an ease of doing business. These features have been designed, concerning the needs of these companies as well as the car-sharing companies.

Access-based Sharing**:

Another difference between Mobokey and Car Chabi is the access level. With Mobokey, the owner can set the access level of the car as well. The owner can set from Pro, Security, and Basic access. This feature is available in Mobokey only. As owner can restrict access to the car via smartphone.

Time-based Sharing***:

Mobokey allows the owner of the car to share their car for a limited amount of time. This feature is strictly limited to Mobokey only. While developing a product for the international market, we conducted a few pieces of research where we asked Car Rental and Sharing companies what kind of solution would fit their need and a unanimous result was time-based sharing.

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