What is MoboKey

MoboKey allows you to access, secure, and share your car using a smartphone application. You need to install the device in your car and with our application, you are able remotely to access your car using Bluetooth Smart.

What does access mean?

With MoboKey as the driver, approaches the unlocking zone, the car is unlocked. As he enters the key activation zone, the car starts/key activates. As the driver exits the key activation zone, the car shuts down/the key deactivates, as he moves further away and crosses the locking zone, the car is locked. Not only this but you can unlock, lock and remotely start your vehicle from a certain range. These exciting features make sure that you don’t have to carry your car keys anymore.

What is the MoboKey security?

When it comes to car security when the driver leaves the car and moves out of the locking zone, the car is automatically locked. As the driver moves away further and crosses the connection zone, the system disconnects, double-checking the car is locked and secured. This feature makes sure that your car is secure even when you are not around. If the security is activated, no one can start the car even if they have the key!

What is the MoboKey sharing?

Another exciting element of MoboKey is the ability to share your ride. For instance, if you’re flying out to another city and leave your car in the airport parking you can send a digital key and car location to anyone you choose and they can come and pick up the car. After you have left by using their digital key. This feature paves a path for car rental companies to enable contactless car sharing. MoboKey acts as a facilitator for car rental companies to share their cars for a certain amount of time without meeting them and giving them a physical key!

Can I track my car with MoboKey?

MoboKey is not a tracker. It is a Bluetooth-based device. MoboKey enables you to see the GPS location of the phone that is connected to your car via the MoboKey app. This location is updated after every 30 seconds on our database and relayed to the owner of the vehicle automatically. This is how we are tracking the location of your car. For you to see the location of the car, it is mandatory to have a MoboKey installed in your car and the user must be connected to our device. You can read more about this here.

I am a Turo Host, how can I use MoboKey?

Turo is a car sharing marketplace and Mobokey is a facilitator for any car sharing marketplace. Mobokey enables Turo or any other car-sharing marketplace hosts in many ways. We have received multiple queries from Turo hosts to enable ease their car sharing process. The process is simple, you can simply ask your customers to sign up on the MoboKey and you can share your car without meeting them in person. You can read more about how to use MoboKey with Turo here. 

What devices do you have?

We have two units. Basic for $109.95 and Pro for $159.95. The difference between Basic and Pro is the remote starter. The basic device won’t allow you to remotely start the vehicle but the Pro will allow you to start it as well.

Who will install the device?

We have a list of technicians in multiple areas in Northern America, Europe, and other regions. Or you can get the device installed by any technician or a car alarm installer in your area. We can also provide you with installation manuals and videos to help you with the installation. You can look at the Youtube videos and installation manual details here.

How does this work with car rental companies?

MoboKey is a perfect solution for car rental companies. It can be extremely useful if you are running a rental car business. We understand that taking care of the keys is one of the most difficult things. We allow you to manage your cars using our app. With MoboKey, you have access to each car and you can share your car using a smartphone application. We enable peer-to-peer carsharing for your fleet.

Can this be installed in any car?

Yes, it can be installed in any car. No matter whether the car is automatic or manual. It doesn’t matter if the car is push start or turn key. We have installed our devices in more than 10,000 cars all over the world. The only problem we have are with BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. Other than that it is compatible with all the cars on the market.

What happens if my phone battery dies?

In case of low battery, at 15%, you will automatically get a notification on your app to charge your smartphone to avoid any difficulty. If you are unable to charge it the app will again send you a notification at 10% and 5%. If you are connected to the device, the security will automatically be disabled and you will be able to use the car with the key.

In case you don’t have the key, simply sign in with your credentials on the MoboKey app on any phone and use it to start your car. It is preferred if you sign out after using the app.

Will my Smart Key/Remote Start work after I install this?

Since MoboKey is installed in parallel with the existing system in your car, your smart key and remote start will keep on working. With MoboKey you can easily switch to key mode if you don’t want to use the app. We have made sure that your existing systems keep on working the way they were working before. 

Will this void my warranty?

Since MoboKey is a remote starter. You are getting a remote starter and a security system installed. There are going to be some changes in the wiring harness of your car. It is not a plug-n-play thing. Warranty claim varies from vendor to vendor. You can confirm this from your dealership, whether the claim warranty on this device or not.