Car Sharing is a model for car rental companies and individuals to share their cars. The cars can be shared depending upon the requirement of the rentee. Mobokey is the world’s first Bluetooth based car-sharing platform. Mobokey car-sharing works to enable peer-to-peer car sharing.

How car sharing works with MoboKey

MoboKey car-sharing platform allows you to share your car with anyone you want and earn money. Just park your car and send a digital key and car location to anyone you choose to share your car. Business owners like rental companies can send out multiple digital keys to different users for designated time slots by setting up a specific time limit. They’ll know the exact usage of the vehicle because once the sharing time is over, the owner would be notified, and the rentee will not be able to start the car. This feature paves a perfect path for car-sharing businesses.

How to share your car with Mobokey:

With MoboKey, we have made the car-sharing process simple and easy. Select a car from the list, select the user you want to share with, the time you want to share your car, and access level. Once shared, you can view the current status of the car and the location as well. It’s that simple.

Mobokey has been gaining the trust of small and medium enterprises who are looking to make their car-sharing processes easier. We have already made 5000 lives easier by providing them with revolutionary products like ours. Here is the key feature of the car-sharing we provide at MoboKey:

  • Why copy the key.
  • Don’t need to worry about sharing.
  • No need to worry about the security of the car.
  • Why worry about the customer taking extra time when you can track their time.

You can read more here more about how car sharing works and market trends on our blog.

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