Most companies rely on the internet to provide access to car-sharing. These devices require a steady internet connection. This can be troublesome in areas where there is no or unreliable internet connection. This causes a significant problem in accessing cars. Taking these problems into consideration, MoboKey is using Bluetooth to enable car-sharing and remote starters. As a car owner, who is looking to enable contactless car-sharing or remote car access, you will have to take these into consideration.

Is Bluetooth necessary for car-sharing and remote starters

The only solution is to equip your cars with MoboKey Bluetooth devices. It will provide remote access to the car even at places where there is no cellular service. Most of the companies already have GPS trackers in their cars, so why should they pay extra for another internet-based device?

MoboKey’s Bluetooth-based devices have no subscription charges and provide remote access to the car without the internet.

Small and medium-sized car rental companies do not want to increase their overheads. Therefore, we provide a simple solution to integrate MoboKey car-sharing platform into their current rental fleet. This process is very simple. It only requires you to get the MoboKey devices, install them in their cars and start sharing your cars with no extra costs.

As the MoboKey platform is Bluetooth-based, so there are no recurring charges and the car-sharing app is free for life. We also provide customization on the application and the hardware according to the needs of the client. You can get a white label platform or can integrate our device into the existing system using our SDKs.

Is MoboKey for you?

Rental car companies

Car rental companies are one of the biggest clients that we have. The owners are completely revamping the way they share the car. Because now Mobokey provides them the ability to share as many keys as they want. We are allowing them to check the location of the car. Extend and reduce time as per the requirement of the customers. Not only this but we are securing their vehicles in case of an emergency.

Turo Hosts

Clients that are using our car-sharing platform are the people who have listed their cars on Turo and since Turo does not allow car sharing per se, they are using our platform to share the car keys. We are also providing them with white-labeled applications. Hence, making sure that their customers have seamless and secure access to the cars that are being rented.


We are enabling communities to share the car and use them for designated time slots. A community can very easily share cars when needed by anyone by setting time slots.

Car-sharing companies

The car-sharing companies share cars as per their needs. Some companies are sharing the car as per the shift to specified drivers. These drivers pay rent to them and with Mobokey they can simply set time. Car-Sharing companies and different clients are using the hardware and APIs as per their needs.

Individual users

Single users have a list of features to look forward to. From Access to Security and Sharing, our customers have used Mobokey for numerous reasons. Mobokey is enabling a single user to earn money. They are earning money when their car is not being used. It is not just limited to car rental companies.

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