Car sharing companies are looking for a drastic change with digital key sharing. The most viable solution right now is MoboKey’s digital key sharing and keyless entry. There won’t be any need to carry the car keys in this pandemic.

According to a report on how car-sharing companies are dealing with COVID-19, one line struck the most:

Post-COVID-19, the global ride sharing market size is estimated to be USD 75.39 billion in 2020 and projected to reach USD 117.34 billion by 2021, at a Y-O-Y growth of 55.6%. The growing need for personal mobility in the wake of rising urbanization and fall in car ownership are driving the demand for ride sharing. The factors that restrain the market are resistance from traditional transport services and complex transport policies of different countries.

Car Sharing Companies need to look for Self-Collection, Remote Unlocking

The world should move towards digital key sharing. The biggest roadblock to “business as usual” in this COVID-19 period is social distancing. Many of the businesses around the world focus on face-to-face interactions across the counter.

We need to start talking about the concept of “self-unlocking,” which will play a huge role in our industry going forward. We need critical digital systems where a customer can book a car and sign a rental agreement on an app. Afterward, they need to locate their assigned car, unlock it, and drive away.

Every car rental company in the world should now create a digital strategy prioritizing “mobile as the first point of sale”. Display it with due prominence on the website as well as in the marketing campaigns. Thus, there is a dire need to using remote access and unlock system, if the companies want to stay afloat.

Now is the time, when people are redefining their daily practices. Car sharing businesses are changing their norms and how they do business. This is the time when MoboKey has become more relevant than ever. MoboKey makes sure that car-sharing companies can deal with this Post COVID-19 world.

Most Useful Features

It is one of the car-sharing platforms that allow the rental companies to provide remote access to the customers and also get their location. We have got you covered with:

  • Bookings
  • Location of the car
  • Remote access for the customer
  • Limited access
  • APIs and libraries
  • White label solutions

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