Car access is changing and COVID-19 has proven to be a catalyst. Now, people are redefining their daily practices and businesses are changing their norms.

Remote car access using Mobokey app

With Mobokey, we are providing the users with all the ease that we can. We allow users to:

  • Lock/Unlock the car
  • Start/Stop the car
  • Auto-Lock/Unlock
  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Turn On/Off the car

With our device and app, our customers have access to their car in one platform. The working of the app is not just limited to remote access only. We are also providing car-sharing and security of the cars. This is how MoboKey is redefining car access. Mobokey is redefining car access by allowing remote lock and unlock. Our customers ask for the remote car access via a smartphone application. Our customers want to unlock the car with the phone which is the most important thing when it comes to access. We allow the customer to lock and unlock their cars with great ease. Similarly, with the remote start, you can start and stop your car from around 100 meters.

Proximity Lock/Unlock and Start/Stop

We make sure our customers don’t have to take the phone out of their pockets. Hence, making their lives easier and better. With Proximity, once you go near to the car, it will automatically connect. And when you are in the locking zone it will unlock and start the car.

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