It is difficult to select the best gift for your loved ones. There are a lot of things that you have to think about while deciding on a Christmas gift. A perfect present needs to check a lot of boxes. It should be practical, it should not lose its value, it should make life easier.

Why is MoboKey the best gift for Christmas

A perfect gift for auto enthusiasts

If you are looking for a fun or functional gift for the car lover in your life, but don’t know where to start? Lucky for you, the car-obsessed editors here at MoboKey are also excellent gift-givers and we know exactly what gifts the auto enthusiast in your life will love. If you haven’t decided on a gift for your loved one, then MoboKey is what you are looking for.

Best choice for the tech lover

What best to give a techie in your life than an actual piece of relevant technology. MoboKey is current. It is your car key remote in your smartphone. If you are looking to surprise your loved ones with a perfect gift this season, then MoboKey is it.

Ideal for your careless friend/relative

There is always a relative or a friend that is forgetting their car keys. The ideal gift for them is the keys in their smartphone. Because they will forget the keys but they will never forget their smartphone. Make their lives easier and they will thank you for the rest of their lives. :)

The ultimate gift for a DIY geek

We all have a friend that is a DIY geek and since MoboKey has its own wiring. Give your DIY geek friend something to be busy with this holiday season. Our website and youtube channel are filled with information for them to install the device in their car.

What makes MoboKey special?

The unique selling point of MoboKey’s remote access

We provide proximity controls for your car, making sure that the device recognizes your phone.

Proximity lock/unlock

Proximity lock unlock is a feature in which the car locks & unlocks depending upon the distance between the car and phone. Using this feature, you don’t need to tap on any button on the phone to lock/unlock the car!

Proximity start/stop

With the Mobokey app, you can set proximity start and stop ranges. Using this feature, you don’t need to press any button on the phone to start/stop the car!

Unlimited keys

We allow the users to have unlimited car keys to share.

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