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    MoboKey Pro

    MoboKey (Pro) device is equipped with all the features that MoboKey has to offer. The key features of the device include
    • Lock / Unlock
    • Proximity Lock / Unlock
    • Remote App Start / Stop
    • Proximity Start / Stop Activation
    • Trunk Unlock
    • Auto Security
    • Starter / Key Deactivation
    • Long Range up to 350 feet
  • Sale!

    MoboKey Basic

    MoboKey (Basic) device is equipped with the following features of device include
    • Lock / Unlock
    • Starter / Key Deactivation
    • Range 100 feet
    • BLE 5.2
    This device cannot start the car as it is not equipped with a remote starter. This device is perfect for car sharing and people who just want to have lock / unlock and additional security for their car without starting it from smartphone.
  • Car Access Module GSM