MoboKey device is designed to facilitate rental fleets and car-sharing companies. Therefore small and medium-sized rental car fleets prefer MoboKey. Our major focus is to automate the sharing and security. The following are the reasons why MoboKey is a must for the rental fleet owners.

1 – Keyless Solution

With our device, the rental fleet owners can provide remote access to their customers. The car is shared with an email account on the Mobokey app, and a white-labeled app too.

2 – Locate the cars

The rental fleet administrator should be able to locate the shared cars. In the case of MoboKey, we provide location using the GPS of the customers by using the location of the smartphone. But we do recommend using a tracking device to be installed in your car as well.

3 – No need to manage keys

MoboKey makes life easier for rental fleet owners by putting all their car keys in one app. This makes sure that they don’t have to worry about finding the car keys ever again. The admin just has to claim the ownership for their car and that is all.

4 – Security

Anti-Snatch mode is always active once the green button on the top right corner is active. Once the button is green, in case of snatching the car secures automatically, once the connection between the car and phone ends. This feature activates in case of a snatching. The driver has 30-120 seconds to connect with the car otherwise the car won’t start again depending upon the installation of the security relay.

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