As per a report by Global News Wire, the car-sharing market is to grow by $ 7.65 bn during 2020-2024 at a CAGR of 16%. This report also covers the impact of COVID worldwide. We are seeing new trends when it comes to Car Sharing and MoboKey can facilitate every new aspect of car sharing. We help companies, individuals, and corporates enable car sharing.

Corporate car sharing

Extraordinary changes were made by the corporate after COVID-19.  This is the reason which made them invest heavily in car sharing. Pre-COVID, their employee used local transport. But that would increase the risk of the infection. Therefore, these companies have started or have already developed their platforms. These platforms are to share the vehicles with employees hence reducing the exposure to the environment. MoboKey has helped multiple corporations to enable in-house car sharing.

Car Sharing for Turo

Car Sharing is also for the Turo fleet. MoboKey allows the Turo hosts to share their fleet without any interaction. The renter will sign up on the MoboKey app and our car-sharing platform will provide access to the renter via our app. MoboKey is helping Turo Hosts all over the world to enable car sharing.


Micromobility, which is ‘the ability of movement through minimalistic means’, on short distances, using light vehicles, such as scooters, longboards, and bikes, is another significant trend, especially in overcrowded cities.

Contactless car sharing

Companies are taking advantage of product testing and data opportunities. Just like MoboKey, companies have started to provide components for fleet vehicles. Hence, employing shared mobility to test technologies and components and gain access to customer data, where legally permissible.

How is MoboKey help you with Car Sharing?

Enabling Car Sharing for your fleet could be challenging but MoboKey irons some kinks. We are offering some key elements, that are a must for Car Sharing. Therefore, helping you to enable car sharing for yourself or your fleet.

Booking time

MoboKey allows you to share the car for a set amount of time. The owner/admin sets the start and ends times for the rental period.


In a car rental company, there is one station where all the cars are parked and the customers have to come to that specific location and get the car from there. Whereas in car-sharing, there can be multiple stations all over the country, if not the city, where a car can be parked and picked up from. With MoboKey, we save the parked location of the car and this location is shared when the car is shared.

Fee structure

Managing cars is one thing but a fee structure is the most important matter of discussion. While deciding on a fee structure, make sure that you account for the time, fuel, and distance driver. It could be a little more expensive than a basic car rental agreement but you are providing a lot of things in return for that money. You can also manage the fee manually.

App-based car sharing

To make a journey pleasant you have to make sure that your customer is not hassled by small things. The most hassling part of any car rental agreement is key sharing. You can use MoboKey to manage the time, access, and a virtual key. It is to make sure that the customers’ mind is at ease.


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