Who doesn’t want to make some extra cash? Why not use your car to increase your income. With peer-to-peer carsharing and tons of carsharing programs, it has become so easy to get a passive income from your car. But how will you share your car when you are not near? Where will the car key be? How will you share the key? All these problems have one simple solution. MoboKey.

If you’re a car owner and have been wondering how to generate some additional income, sharing your car through a peer-to-peer carsharing company might be your answer. How much money you make depends on several factors, including your car’s availability and size. With some carsharing service, you’ll receive up to $30-35 per day if you have a van, or a standard or mid-size car. If you own an SUV, you’ll receive up to $35-45 per day.

How can you use a car to increase your passive income with MoboKey?

Peer-to-peer carsharing allows you to rent your car out to others. It is emerging as one of the best ways to earn some money on the side. MoboKey is a facilitator when it comes to sharing the car and enabling peer-to-peer sharing. Once the car is shared via our platform, we make sure that the owner has full control of the car at all times.

Why is Bluetooth based car-sharing the future 

The only solution is to equip your cars with MoboKey Bluetooth devices that will provide access to the car even at places where there is no cellular service. Most companies and individuals already have GPS trackers in their cars, so why should they pay extra for another internet-based device? The answer is MoboKey Bluetooth-based devices that have no subscription charges and provide accessibility to the car.

Small car rental companies and individuals do not want to increase their overheads, so we provide the solution to integrate their current rental fleet in the MoboKey car-sharing platform. This process is very simple as it only requires the company to purchase MoboKey devices, install them in their cars and start sharing with no extra cost.

MoboKey and how to use your car to increase the passive income

MoboKey acts as a facilitator to increase the passive income using your car and here is how.

List of all the available cars

For any car-sharing company, it is important to have all the cars available on a platform. With Mobokey, you can list all the cars without any hassle. Once the cars are listed, you can view each one of them and select from the list of multiple cars. Simply, enter the cars on your list and share.

Time allocation

Allocate the time as per the needs of each user. With Mobokey, you have the access to set and alter the end time for which the car is being shared with someone. The rentee will only have access to the car for the specified period & once the time is over, access is revoked.

Access level allocation

With Mobokey, you can set the access level. You can switch the access level from Basic, which means to give the rentee access to lock and unlock. With the Security level, you allow the rentee to lock/unlock and activate/ deactivate security and with Pro, you give complete access of the car.

List of shared cars

You as an owner can see all the cars that have been shared. You can view the cars shared using the Mobokey app. The app stores all the activities. “Cars shared by me” keeps all the data of sharing. The owner can view this activity anytime.

Shared car location

You can view the live location of the shared car and once the car is shared, the location is updated after every minute using the location of the rentee’s phone!

Extend and reduce end time

You can set the timer for a shared car as per your requirement. You just have to select the car under “Cars share by me” and extend or reduce the time as required!

Car Sharing and MoboKey

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