CheckBAC is another partner to whom we have provided our hardware solutions.

Our device along with CheckBAC’s patented solution disables the car engine if the Blood Alcohol Level exceeds the agreed limit.

This solution finally bridges the gap between testing and accountability – so you can quickly and effectively monitor and manage the sobriety of hundreds or even thousands of individuals.

This product is going to save millions of innocent lives and revolutionize the DUIs.

You will soon be able to use CheckBAC with the MoboKey app.

Smart Car Key, Australia

Formerly known as RNR Rentals, Sydney. RnR rentals are one of the early-stage partners of MoboKey.

They have installed our devices in their fleet of sedans, SUVs, and vans.

They share their cars with their customers via a white-labeled and customized app developed by us.

Smart Car Key continues to provide a car-sharing solution to our clients in Australia and New Zealand.

They are also providing car sharing services to Australia Post.

TheSmartKey, Tanzania

TheSmartKey is operating as a sole distributor of MoboKey in Tanzania.

TheSmartKey offers Car Sharing solutions for car rental and sharing companies in Tanzania.

They also offer installation services in the region!

TheSmartKey is also expanding its business to car rental companies to enable car sharing and rental car companies.

They are also looking to expand in other parts of Africa.

Add on

Keyport’s Omnifob

OmniFob is one of our early partners in the IoT(Internet of Things) space.

Keyport has been testing its original system all over the world, and its new Omnifob allows you to access your car, garage, and so much more using a single fob.

OmniFob pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Using your phone as a hub, the OmniFob app calls secure cloud APIs to control your smart devices through a wide range of communication protocols including ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Successful projects

Machines talk, Saudi Arab 

Machines Talk is a Saudi Arab-based IoT company that has integrated our SDK in its app. They are setting up an internal car-sharing for Saudi Aramco using our devices. This will allow their employee to access their cars via our devices and SDKs. 

Cabman Netherlands

Cabman is a Europe-based company that handles maintenance for car rental and sharing companies. We have provided them with custom hardware and software that allows them to access the vehicles of their customers and provide them with the necessary maintenance. 

Crossrail Benelux Belgium

It is another Europe-based company that handles maintenance for Crossrail trains. We have provided them with custom hardware and software that allows them to enable internal Car-Sharing for their employees.

Eccocar, Spain

Eccocar, a Google-backed start-up provides a plug-and-play solution to unlock the car using a smartphone app. With our expertise in developing hardware solutions, we have helped Eccocar to design its in-car hardware, i.e. Eccobox. Eccobox allows the customers to unlock the car where the car key is placed inside the box.