We want to make sure that we tend to all your car-sharing needs. This is why we offer you to enable carsharing for your car rental company. If you already have a rental car company and you want to launch your own car-sharing company, then MoboKey is a go-to solution.

Adding carsharing in a mid-sized car rental company

If you are running a small or mid-sized car rental company you know that most of the cars have the highest utilization in a season when tourism is at its peak. Your company is mostly serving their walk-in customers so adding car-sharing is basically driving a car with two engines at the same time.

Smaller to mid-size companies need to be extra careful when implementing a new business model. However, adding a carsharing option to the existing car rental operation is relatively easier. Our immutable hardware is definitely evidence of our success. The software can handle most of the workload for you. The same administrators/manager can overlook the car-sharing process and locations. The change in operational management is almost unnoticeable.

How to enable carsharing  for your car rental business

With MoboKey, we enable you to control your fleet with your app using the Mobokey device. We make sure that your car rental business stays relevant. Companies usually follow a set pattern before they completely hop on our system.

White labeling

Simply order a White label car-sharing solution and launch your own car-sharing company. With white labeling, you don’t need to use our name at all. We will help you develop a completely different app fulfilling your car-sharing needs. With our hardware, you can use your name. The device advertises your name. What can you do with the white-labeled solution?

Customized application

We provide customized applications for your platform. We have worked with a few companies that have allowed us to compile the data on how the companies want their car-sharing platform.

API Integration

If you want us to develop the app that you are already developing, we can help you with that as well. We can help you integrate our libraries in your application so that you can create ease for your customers to access the cars.

Web portal

If you want a web portal as well, we have trained staff that can develop a complete system with a dashboard and details regarding that.

Configuration of Mobokey in your app

Usually, there are two steps to do that.

Testing on one car:

The owner tests the device and gives his feedback on how the device is behaving and what are the things his clients and he would want to change. In this case, we charge for the changes as per the hourly rate set. A quotation is sent to the client. Since the owner is relatively new to the concept, we like to be in the loop and help them understand the use.

Fleet testing:

In case of a successful test, the owner of the fleet installs the devices in their fleet. In some cases, they require a white-labeled application on their name. We quote them as per the fleet size. We try to facilitate our customers with smaller fleet sizes and enable them to make more profits and grow with us!

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