One of the recent trends that we have seen grow is the companies enabling internal carsharing. We have received expressions of interest from companies to allow their employees to access their cars, hence enabling internal carsharing or corporate carsharing.

How can companies enable internal carsharing with MoboKey?

We have served a bunch of small, medium, and large-scale companies that contact us to enable internal carsharing within the organization.

Small and medium-sized companies, companies want to provide access to their vehicles to come to the office or visit a site. These companies might be service provider, like Cabman, that provides installation and maintenance services for rental car companies.

Cabman in the Netherlands

As discussed earlier is a service provider for rental car companies. They have our installed devices in their client cars and the owners allow them to access the car for maintenance or upkeep. Therefore, they have access to the vehicles to provide the services required without their employees going to the company and getting the car keys.

Crossrail in Sweden

Crossrail has enabled carsharing for its employees. Because Crossrail is a large company with employees all over the country, they wanted to enable carsharing for all. Therefore, after installing the devices in their cars and parked in the locations to service the maximum number of employees.

Machine Talks in Saudi Arabia

Companies like Machine Talks in Saudi Arabia enable carsharing for the partner companies including Saudi Aramco. Machine Talks has enabled internal carsharing for a fleet of 1000+ cars in Saudi Arabia. Machine Talks sources the devices and software SDKs from MoboKey and has developed a specialized platform to enable internal carsharing.

If you want to enable carsharing for your company, try out MoboKey now. Because it doesn’t matter if your company is small or large. Our team will help you enable carsharing for you!

Why did we experience increased interest in corporate carsharing?

Extraordinary decisions were made by the corporate sector after COVID-19.  This is the reason which made the companies invest heavily in carsharing. Pre-COVID era, most of the employees used local transport. But now due to the increased risk of the infection, it’s not liked. Therefore, some of these companies have started or have already developed their own platforms. These platforms are to share the vehicles with employees hence reducing the exposure to the environment.

Car Sharing for Turo

Car Sharing is also for the Turo fleet. MoboKey allows the Turo hosts to share their fleet without any interaction. The renter will sign up on the MoboKey app and our car-sharing platform will provide access to the renter via our app.

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